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Preventing Construction Damage
Trees that are left standing during construction generally succumb to the dmaage they sustained during the construction process. This can either be immediate or take several years, depending on the species and extent of dmaage. However, it does not have to be this way. With our proactive tree preservation program designed to help limit construction damage, any potential effects can be limited or reversed. Of course, not all trees are able to be saved. The tree should continue to be evaluated yearly. The Roots to Shoots Tree Preservation Program includes:
  • Deep root fertilizing with a slow-release, low salt completer fertilizer, repeated annually
  • Soil management & analysis
  • Vertical mulching to invigorate the roots
  • Application growth regulator to allow the roots to heal and catch up with the needs of the tree
  • Treat for invasive insects, depending on tree species
  • Treat for foliage and root-related diseases
  • Introduction of beneficial bacteria/fungi
  • Installing protective fencing
  • Air spade for compaction relief
  • Crown transparency assessment

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